The light of the Atlantic Ocean

The perfect place to take care of yourself with the best treatments in exclusive hotels. 4,800 daylight hours per year give the Canary Islands a unique brightness to raise your spirit having a therapeutic effect on your skin.

The Canary Islands,

wellness under ocean breeze

More than tourism

Thanks to their mild climate and therapeutic benefits, the Canary Islands have specialized in wellness tourism, not only for their excellent conditions for climate therapy, but also for their facilities and specialized staff.

A historic wellness tourism destination from XIX century

Prestigious doctors and naturalists of this period as William Anderson or John White recommended to their colleagues and patients visiting the Canary Islands for the therapeutic advantages of the climate.

The islands of eternal spring

The island’s temperatures, averaging 22 degrees centigrade, the purity of the air and the warm hospitality of the people have turned this Atlantic enclave into the healthiest destination in Europe to escape in winter.

Renowned specialized hotels and wellness centers

The Canary Islands allow visitors to combine magnificent holidays while receiving healthcare treatments. We offer all kinds of techniques and services, from seaweed, marine sludge, hydrotherapy, salt baths, aromatherapy bandages to lymphatic drainage, Turkish bath, jets in swimming pool and a long etcetera.


A natural stimulant that makes you feel alive with therapeutics effects on your skin.


Invisible, soft and warm. The dry air, particularly pure in the upland areas, embraces you helping to keep your respiratory sistem healthy.


The power of the Ocean breeze, rich in trace elements, floods your senses by relaxing your body.


 A volcanic landscape, an earth rich in trace elements, is essential for metabolic and regenerating processes.

'Best weather in the world'
Thomas Whitmore, Director of research on climatology at Syracuse University (USA)



Take care of yourself in the

Canary Islands

Located in the Atlantic Ocean with unique landscapes and a variety of microclimates that make them an authentic paradise for health.


More than 256 km of beaches in the Canary Islands. Isolated or crowded, white or black-sanded, you will find the type of beach that best suits your tastes.


6 international airports connect the Canary Islands with the main cities of Europe, including the Nordic countries.


Hotels and services of high quality where enjoying healthcare and wellness treatments while relaxing by means of therapeutic walks, bath in waters loaded with iodine and sodium and contact with an oxygenating nature.


Enjoy the advantages of a subtropical archipelago without giving up the comforts, security, means and benefits of remaining within Europe.

The Canary Islands,

wellness in paradise.

Gran Canaria Wellness 

Gran Canaria island is a paradise to forget about stress, tiredness, a desire to disconnect that daily hustle creates. It is enough with the therapeutic walks through its extensive beaches of golden sand, with the baths in its crystalline and temperate waters of sea loaded with iodine, sodium and other beneficial elements for the body and with contact with an oxygenating nature, which inevitably forces relaxation.

The climate and the properties of the environment of the island of Gran Canaria cause the aloe vera plant to grow in unique conditions, being considered the purest in the world for its therapeutic properties, its healing and regenerative power and its calming effects.

Tenerife’s Tourism

Tenerife is a unique island with special landscapes and a variety of microclimates that makes it an authentic and exclusive paradise for health.

The island offers volcanic earth, rich in trace elements, essential for a host of metabolic processes, plants like aloe vera for moisturising and regenerating even the most sensitive skins, tropical fruits and the finest products for a healthy, balanced diet.

Tenerife also allows visitors to combine a magnificent holiday enjoying its tourist delights with the opportunity to receive medical or surgical treatment in the safest hands.